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Print Manager™

Print Manager is the perfect complement for your Bottomline Transform or ERP system, replacing native print spooling utilities whilst adding additional levels of control and functionality to optimise your output device capabilities.

Drive Printing Efficiencies Across the Global Enterprise

There are significant organisational costs of both time and money associated with the interruption of critical business processes, specifically the loss of key outbound documents due to printer failures. Without a reliable print management solution, your company may also be exposed to unnecessary financial and operational risks. Even one failed print job can result in lost invoices, uncollected revenue, missed shipping windows and strained IT resources.

Print Manager helps your company maximize printer efficiencies in an increasingly document intensive business environment.

Print Manager is an advanced, intelligent print spooling software designed to seamlessly complement enterprise software applications. It can receive jobs from multiple sources and seamlessly deliver them to printers, multi-function devices, fax software, email systems and more.

Take Your Investment to the Next Level

With features including assured delivery, bi-directional printer communications and both end-user and application notification, Print Manager takes the guesswork out of traditional printing infrastructures. Organisations can now configure and control remote printing resources, confirm delivery, proactively anticipate and correct problems, reduce network downtime, automate print fail-over and manage multiple types of document output – all from a single, secure interace.

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