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DOCUMENT Management


Transform™ offers true document customisation without custom ERP programming. It has enterprise-class functions for deployment, clustering, and load balancing, as well as improved auditing features for greater administrative controls. ERP-specific integrations are available, including Oracle, SAP and the Microsoft Dynamics® Suite. Connectors offer complete support for native output, transforming previous costly design changes into simple tasks that can be implemented without third-party consulting services. New documents can be accessed via specialised content and media attachment functions giving users access to any document from within their ERP environment. Companies also gain cost savings resulting from “green,” electronic document delivery and storage.


With Transform you can create custom document layouts based on the data that can be provided by the ERP system. Easy or complex documents, with Transform you can handle them all. Transform can also help you with inbound documents using the OCR engine and the web design pack.

  • Reduce the costs and time to implement and maintain document processes
  • First class customer and supplier communication experience
  • Unlock information in your documents for maximum visibility and control
  • Extend digitised workflows beyond your ERPs boundaries
  • Automate document compliance and auditability to meet legal requirements
  • Enhanced security and control for robust processes and information leak prevention


Transform offers you a wide range of features that will support your business with the communication to customers and vendors. Not only documents on paper, but also electronic documents or even xml or csv formats can be created and transfered.

Transform™ Content Center

Transform Content Center automates the labor-intensive, manual processes of sorting, filing and retrieving your business’ most critical transactional documents.

Accounts Payable Automation

Streamline invoice receipt, automate workflows, accelerate approvals and make electronic payments using a single solution.


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