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Print Manager™ Benefits

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Centralised Administration

Bottomline Print Manager gives you greater control of your output than ever before, allowing you to maximise the utilisation of your printers and fully control them from one centralised location.

  • Enterprise view of jobs/docs/devices
  • Automate queue creation for the enterprise in one place
  • Print confirmation to the tray 
  • Alerts & notifications 
  • Advanced trouble shooting tools 
  • Enhanced security & user permissions 
  • Bandwidth solutions 
  • Page level re-start & reprinting
  • Document viewing

Advanced Delivery

Intelligently direct your output to the best device available for the job, based on the content of the files being printed. You can do this via an intuitive menu system or though scripting for the ultimate in versatility.

  • Rules based delivery
  • Large job re-routing
  • Colour control
  • Document bundling/bursting
  • Format transforms
  • Tamper resistant RX printing with plain paper

Performance, Scalability and Reliability

Enhance your scalability, reliability and security with ultimate visibility and control over your print jobs with a range of print management tools second to none.

  • Increased spooler reliability
  • Automated server and printer fail-over
  • Load balancing
  • Print release and other features

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