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Transform™ Features

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Transform™ gives your organisation rich presentation tools that include layout localisation for different regions, barcoding for automated receipt tracking or labelling plus data merging and repagination for maximum impact. Transform includes all the functionality needed to automate the delivery of all outgoing correspondence such as Labels, Letters, Statements, Invoices, and Purchase Orders. With options for different publishing methods: Label, Print, Fax, Email plus MHTML or PDF, your documents can be delivered anywhere in the world in the right format and language.
To support new legislative requirements around e-Invoicing, Transform can be linked to trusted certificate providers or create advanced digital signatures together with the audit information you need.

Clear and concise brand quality communications at every customer touch point
Automate regulated documents compliance and gain maximum business value from your documents
Automate capture of information from documents, forms and external services
Real time dashboards and reporting with controlled access to information enhancing business insight
Reduce costs and driver efficiency through enhanced information access and document interaction
Interact with customers and suppliers when, where and how according to preference

Maximise the value of your business documents

Transform has been designed to expand to match your organisations Document Management requirements as they evolve. Many businesses start with the aim of simply reducing the costs of producing and maintaining required business documents, but quickly extend their requirements to achieve significant efficiency gains and competitive differentiation.

  • Reduce the time and cost to produce documents
  • Reformat and repaginate your documents for maximum impact
  • Distribute printed and electronic documents to point of usage
  • Merge and synchronise information between systems
  • Embellish reports with barcodes for simple receipt tracking or labelling
  • Automate the delivery of all outgoing correspondence
  • Publish using print, PDF, fax, email, repositories, electronic data
  • Reducing compliance exceptions and operational overhead
  • Ensuring process continuity, with document tracking beyond boarders of your organisation
  • Maximising business insight through controlled sharing of information and documents
  • Increase business response times through automated document and form data capture
  • Promote viability and control with real-time dashboards and reporting
  • Enhancing communications to gain customer and supplier preference

Main Functions

  • Document preview and recipient base delivery screens from within your ERP system
  • Unlimited printer support for any number of printers
  • Support for all printer types with Windows drivers including full colour support
  • Email document as PDF’s, HTML, MHTML or in their native form
  • Manipulate email body and sender information
  • Integration with most Windows Fax servers
  • Advanced Digital Signing of PDF documents for e-Invoicing
  • CSV/XML output for e-Invoicing or data sharing
  • PDF/a generation for secure archiving or PDF/x for production printing
  • Encryption and password applied to PDF files for added protection
  • Total document repagination to save paper and cut costs
  • PDF generation for interactive forms
  • Support for Office 365 mail services
  • Dynamic document distribution
  • Data manipulation and enrichement through SQL and web services Dynamic document layouts
  • Enhanced barcode support including 2D barcodes

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